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Welcome to Royal Casino

At Royal Casino Aarhus we have a set of house rules that will help make sure that you’ll get the best possible casino experience during your visit. If you have any questions for some of them, please feel free to contact us.


We open the doors to Royal Casino at 15.00 every day, the classic casino games will open at 19.00.


You must be 18 years of age and bring valid picture ID. According to the casino and anti money laundry legislation, the casino is obliged to register the guests by their name and national identity numbers. You must register your entrance ticket for all transactions in our cashdesk. It is not permitted to make any kind of transaction or exchange cash, chips or TitoTickes for other people in your own name. 

We will deny access for guests who are visibly intoxicated or otherwise being an annoyance for our guests and/or staff. It is not allowed to take any kind of pictures or videos in the casino.

Personal data policy, please see our website for more information.



Casual/smart clothes for both women and men. Clothes and shoes must at all times be presentable, clean and neat.

  • No access in
  • Sports clothes, jogging clothes
  • Caps, sun glasses etc.
  • T-shirts without sleeves for men
  • Military clothes or clothes with bad language
  • Rubber boots, clogs or flip flop sandals
  • Swim shorts, Bermuda shorts
  • Trousers with large or torn holes
  • Vests in leather.

Guests are requested to leave their coats etc. at the cloakroom. Dresscode are subject to change at any time.


When receiving your winnings, it is customary in inter-national casinos that the winner acknowledges the good service off the staff. The tips are placed in a designated box on the gaming table and later collected and distributed amongst all staff members in the casino. Tipping is, of course, voluntary.


  • Have Fun – Play Responsibly

There is nothing wrong in gambling. But if you lose yourself and spend to much time and money your gambling behavior can cause you problems.

What is gambling addiction?

If you suffer from gambling addiction the urge to play takes over. You will have almost no time and desire for anything else but the next game. Gambling addiction can effect your life negatively and hurt the people around you.

Good advice

– Be aware of how much time you spend gambling

– Play with your friends

– Agree on a time and spending limit in advance

– Use any winnings on something other than gambling

– Do not play for borrowed money

Gambling is an exciting and entertaining activity that includes the possibility of winning money. For the majority of people, gambling is in no way an essential element in their lives. But for some people, however, gambling may develop in unfortunate directions with negative consequences for the individual as well as for their families and, especially, their finances. We recommend that you read one of our brochures on this topic which is in the reception.

Call the StopSpillet hotline – +45 70 22 28 25. They can help you with professional, impartial and confidential advice on responsible gaming. Clarifying problematic gaming behavior. Guide to treatment options

Danish Gambling Authority launched a helpline called StopSpillet, which can help you if you have problems with gambling or do you know someone who does.

The Danish Gambling Authority helpline “StopSpillet” is for gamblers, relatives, and professionals who seek advice and clarification regarding problematic gambling behaviour and compulsive gambling.

Through “StopSpillet”, we can help you with counselling about responsible gambling, guidance on treatment options and clarification on problematic behaviour.

Give us a call on +45 70 22 28 25 within our opening hours from Monday to Thursday between 9:00 and 21:00 or on Fridays between 9:00 to 17:00.

The register of self-excluded persons (ROFUS) is a register of all players in Denmark who have voluntarily wished to exclude themselves temporarily or permanently from gambling both on online and in landbased casinos in Denmark. The register is administrated by the Danish Gambling Authority which is responsible for the register.

A registration in ROFUS is binding, and it is not possible to cancel or annul your registration. Registration in ROFUS is possible with NemID. If you do not have NemID, you can register in ROFUS by filling out form no. 9-01

By permanent exclusion the Danish Gambling Authority may at the earliest delete your registration one year after you registered in ROFUS.

If you wish to register yourself in this register, please visit: https://www.rofus.nu/


Take the test and see if you have a problematic relationship with gambling.



If you encounter gambling problems, we will, of course, assist you if you wish to bar yourself from access to Royal Casino or other landbased casinos in Denmark. All you have to do is to fill in and sign our self-barring form, which is available at the reception, or can be downloaded from our website.

You can find contact addresses for treatment centers for gambling addiction on the gaming authoritys website or get a list of the contact addresses at the reception.

The Center for Gambling Addictions offers an anonymous self-test online. Here you can see if you have a possible gambling problem that requires counseling or treatment.

Some of the questions might be:

– Do you become restless or irritable when you have to leave the game?

– Have you ever lied about the amount of time you spend gambling?

– Do you gamble until all the money is lost?

– If you have spent all your money on gambling, do you feel lost and in despair and that you have to win them back?

If you recognize one or more of these signals, we would suggest that you contact the Center for Gambling Addiction. Center for Gambling Addiction offers free counseling and treatment.


If you wish to make an objection in connection with a game, this must be done in writing by sending an email to indsigelse@royal-casino.dk. You can expect a reply to your complaint within two weeks.

In case of disagreement, the decision of the manager or person in charge is final.

Enjoy your evening
Royal Casino


Royal Casino Aarhus was one of the first landbased casinos in Denmark to obtain a gambling licence from the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) to provide Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and gambling on gaming machines.

You can read more about our license requirements and the on-going regulation and oversight of Royal Casino Aarhus by the DGA on the DGA website